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Do you want to improve your social media strategy? We are here to help you with the below crucial elements.
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In case you have questions on our services or if you just want to get in touch, you will be welcomed with a smile from one of our dedicated members.
Golden Key Trading Ltd - 8 Millfield Court, Consett, DH8 8TN, United Kingdom,

Facebook Likes

When people search for your business on the internet, chances are they’ll come across your Facebook page.  
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Twitter Followers

A presence on Twitter is one of the most exciting ways businesses can interact with their online audience quickly and effectively.
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Instagram Packages

Instagram is one of the most, if not the most, effective platforms available to marketers and business owners.
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LinkedIn Packages

LinkedIn has been around for over a decade and has provided its users and clients with a web based environment to get noticed.
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Learn More About Us

Let us help you make you make your social boost a success Our strategic brand and marketing consultancy offers online lead generation and conversion at its core. We assist medium and large-scale businesses with precise, high ROI, marketing campaigns that deliver inspiring results.
  • Personal assistance
  • One hour consultation
  • We will setup your accounts
  • Create the requested campaign
  • Create the content
  • Create the online brochure
  • We monitor your progress
  • Respond to users queries
  • Increase your online presence
  • Achieve the ultimate target

Put Our Experience To The Test

We offer a large number of services for you and your company is the emerging leader of cost-effective and salable social media online marketing services for small to medium companies and strategic partner organizations worldwide. The company allows clients and its partners to grow their businesses by maximizing the evolving power of the Internet in a highly efficient and specialized way. Our commitment is fast results - increasing your business is the name of the game and we do it quickly. 
Customer Service 95%
Business Satisfaction 75%
Overall Rating 85%
Marketing Skills 72%
Brand Awareness 95%
Sales Strength 87%

You can Trust Us. See What We Have Done

1,079 Cups of Coffee
4,887 Clients Worked
973 Projects Done
4,314 Hours of Work

Our Easy Steps To Success

Benefit from the power of social marketing and boost your image Today!
1. Develop A Strategy Together we will formulate a strategy as to select which media will be most effective for your goals.
2. Implementing For Success Execution of strategy and setup of accounts, packages, monitoring and ensuring best success..
3. Review The Process After our first campaign we will review as to provide improvement guidance and new campaign concepts.
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